A Quote by Walter Russell on health, healing, disease, unease, life, death, acid, acidity, alkalinity, sick, man, thinking, think, thought, consciousness, medicine, body, and matter

When it becomes a part of every man's thinking that a single thought can change the polarity of our entire body toward either life or death - and can likewise change its entire chemistry toward increasing alkalinity or acidity to strengthen it or weaken it - or can change the shape of every corpuscle of matter in the entire body in the direction of either growth or decay - then the medical profession will radically change both its principles and its practices with the ailment of bodies.

Walter Russell

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A Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis on body, landscape, music, nature, place, and soul

The landscape affects the human psyche - the soul, the body and the innermost contemplations - like music. Every time you feel nature deeper you resonate better with her, finding new elements of balance and freedom...

Nikos Kazantzakis (1883 - 1957)

Source: Traveling: O Morias

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A Quote by Ingmar E. Nieuwold on values, ideas, action, succes, body, and wisdom

The best way to determine the value of an idea is by watching the effect in our daily lives. Our actions determine succes or not, our body, our person, are the tools. To reach mastery you need deep wisdom and perfect control over these tools.

Ingmar Nieuwold

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A Quote by David Bohm on thought, mind, body, and idea

Another problem of fragmentation is that thought divides itself from feeling and from the body.  Thought is said to be the mind; we have the notion that it is something abstract or spiritual or immaterial.  Then there is the body, which is very physical.  And we have emotions, which are perhaps somewhere in between.  The idea is that they are all different.  That is, we think of them as different.  And we experience them as different because we think of them as different.

David Bohm

Source: Thought as a System, Pages: 6

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on god, body, physicality, consciousness, physiology, evolution, conscious evolution, intelligent design, immanence, divinity, god-self, and dna

If God is indeed in the body—and consciousness and physiology are, from an evolutionary perspective, inextricably linked—we must acknowledge that divine consciousness is available in and through physicality.

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 109

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A Quote by Chuang Chou, a.k.a. Chuang Tzu, Chuang Tse Chuang on tao, body, and material world

If you wish to care for your body, first of all take care of material things, though even when you have all the things you want, the body can still be uncared for.

Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC - c. 275 BC)

Source: The Book of Chuang Tzu (Arkana S.), Pages: 156

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A Quote by Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi on senses and body

Hungry, you're a dog, angry and bad-natured.
having eaten your fill, you become a carcass;
you lie down like a wall, senseless.
At one time a dog, at another time a carcass,
how will you run with lions, or follow the saints?

Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Source: The Rumi Collection: An Anthology of Translations of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi (Shambhala Classics), Pages: 19

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A Quote by Tim Ong on spirit, stillness, meditation, life, love, mind, heart, body, relationships, and thoughtfulness

Daily Nourishment

Nourish your Spirit with Stillness
Nourish your Mind with Knowledge
Nourish your Heart with Unconditional Love
Nourish your Body with Living Food
Nourish your Relationships with Thoughtfulness
  -- Tim Ong

Tim Ong

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A Quote by Isadora Duncan on dance, dancers, and body

The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.

Isadora Duncan

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A Quote by Vanna Bonta on birth, body, and spirit

My body is the fruit of spirits' play.

Vanna Bonta

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