A Quote by Mother Teresa on awakening and bodhimind

This is a much greater trial [for the butterfly] especially if the pains are severe; in some ways, when they are very acute, I think they are the greatest trial that exists. For they affect the soul both outwardly and inwardly, till it becomes so much oppressed as not to know what to do with itself. There are many things which assault her soul with an interior oppression so keenly felt and so intolerable that I do not know to what it can be compared ... She is conscious of a strange solitude, since there is not a creature on the whole earth who can be companioned to her – in fact, I do not believe she would find any in Heaven, save Him Whom she loves: on the contrary, all earthly companionship is torment to her. She thinks of herself as a person suspended aloft, unable either to come down and rest anywhere on earth or to ascend into Heaven. She is parched with thirst, yet cannot reach the water; and the thirst is not tolerable one but a kind that nothing can quench...

Mother Teresa (1910 - 1998)

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