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Luminous Silence 1 George Jisho Robertson to become a god is to sing a transient melody of time improvising on itself or to be a mask flaming in a dance of flames in the dark of the human mind, the human heart flaring like a comet in an ancient dream, a gorgeous intricate robe of intoxicated syllables, blood-calligraphy, a storm-driven forest of inscrutable shadows, hieratic, spell-binding dreams and unknown syllables – the hand of the hawk flashing in the firelight among wide-eyed children, the mane of the lion blazing in the camp ground of the hungry tribe, the serpent’s pulsing form slithering through the palisades of thought, a white-gowned girl scattering flowers, her hair rising & falling like seaweed…

Nobility has the bearing of grace at play with the unknown – a teasing fragrance of roses fills the room where I write, and I hear Ramakrishna say, “Whatever I saw, I worshipped.”

It is all perfectly deceiving, subtly deceptive, to be gathered into silence, into the cupped & open hands where the form of the self I am sits, transparent, gone in a moment, a moment of listening,

for listening is the foreplay & interplay of heart & heart, mother & child, elder & young warrior: it is the inexorable music of a prayer so vast it accommodates despair, nurtures the hungry, it is a listening as precise as precious rain on the desert, drop by drop of silence blessing the withered roots, the parched leaves, the vicious angry thorns

and so I sit in a rented room to write as silence wills, listening, learning to listen, learning to become a vessel of the silence that I call love, a vessel not mine

Love silently offered is a gentle hand, a bowl of soup, a rag of cloth to wipe a tear or dress a doll, a flower laid on a silent pillow, or a surgeon’s knife swiftly searching: and thus by human day these visions fade in the light of kindness – yet never fade, never vanish, glittering and leaping phantasmagoria or mythic beings dancing archaic rituals born briefly out of the infinite womb of the human dark:

or say it this way, the governing passions of the human heart are the very fire that can purify the human mind Therefore in these imagined ashes let us bake bread for one another today, let us break bread together, let us pause a moment, offering this silence to the silence itself

George Jisho Robertson

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