A Quote by Albert Einstein on limits, acceptance, accept, human, science, beyond, truth, and einstein

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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A Quote by Bernadette Roberts on journey, nothing, acclimating, seeing, transition, revelation, no self, tried by fire, love, bliss, come to rest, trust, beyond, beyond self, union, and julie sarah powell

This journey then, is nothing more, yet nothing less than a period of acclimating to a new way of seeing, a time of transition and revelation as it gradually comes upon "that" which remains when there is no self. this is not a journey for those who expect love and bliss, rather, it is for the hardy who have been tried by fire and have come to rest in a tough, immovable trust in "that" which lies beyond the known, beyond the self, beyond union and even beyond love and trust itself

Bernadette Roberts

Source: The experience of no self: A contemplative journey by Bernadette Roberts. P13-14

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A Quote by doolang on possibilities, meaning, happiness, relationship, new, ways, relating, relatedness, mutuality, together, beyond, and we

We will have meaning beyond meaning & happiness beyond happiness because we will keep looking & doing what is needed...

Darin Lang

Source: Surprising Inspirations

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A Quote by Mary Summer Rain on womans prophecy, sensing, seeing, opening, and beyond

Yet there are those who wonder.  There are those who have gentle stirrings.  And there are those who have stepped upon the beautiful threshold of awareness - all on the verge of perceiving that which there is to see.  To these ones, I say, open  your exquisite senses.  Look with fine clarity into that which is beyond and beneath, within and without.  In these coming critical times, listen to and heed the directives of your spirits that retain the high wisdom you are just now perceiving.

Mary Summer Rain

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A Quote by Danah Zohar on spiritual, religious, science, archtypal, mythological, awareness, beyond, beauty, and truth

Here science helps us to understand the spiritual.  As the concept is used in this book, to experience 'the spiritual' means to be in touch with some larger, deeper, richer whole that puts our present limited situation into a new perspective. It is to have a sense of 'something beyond', of 'something more' that confers added meaning and value on where we are now. That spiritual 'something more' may be a deeper social reality or social web of meaning. It may be an awareness of or attunement to the mythological, archetypal or religious dimensions of our situation. It may be a sense of some more profound level of truth or beauty. And/or it may be an attunement to some deeper, cosmic sense of wholeness, a sense that our actions are part of some greater universal process.

Danah Zohar

Source: SQ: Connecting With Our Spiritual Intelligence, Pages: 18-19

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