A Quote by Jim Henson on life, dreams, and believe

Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.

Jim Henson

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A Quote by Ishi on believe and love

"If you won't believe in yourself, who will?"


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A Quote by Claire Larson on believe, belief, cause, change, and others

Believe in yourself, believe in the cause, and believe in others ablitly to change.

Claire Larson

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A Quote by Chuck Norris on believe


I can believe its not butter!

Chuck Norris

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A Quote by unknown on believe


Believe in yourself and you will!


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A Quote by The on believe, abundance, and motivation

"Ask, Believe it in your gut and it is yours!"

The Secret

Source: The Secret

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A Quote by unknown on unity, believe, and reality

"Believe, and you seed your reality with power. Unite, and our Power will seed this Planet with Reality"


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A Quote by unknown on accustom, believe, priests, clergy, sin, and abundance

"When you accustom people to believe that priests and clergy can forgive sins... you will have sins in abundance."


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A Quote by Richard Kundig on believe and belief

Do you believe in what you believe in?

Richard Kundig

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A Quote by unknown on believe, manifest, life, and truth

No matter where you have heard it, even if you have said it yourself, believe only what is in alignment with what you want.


Source: my head

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