A Quote by oldman on love, awareness, creativity, joy, and living

If we allow the love within us to evolve naturally we generate new possibilities , nurture awareness and create a vehicle for joyous living.


Source: Micheal Teal - Poet , Philosopher and Shaman

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A Quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on realize, enlightenment, and awareness

The foot feels the foot when the foot feels the ground.

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: Buddha

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A Quote by Ramla A. on life and awareness

“When we were children, our elders taught us a great technique for
personal power: DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to that which is unworthy. Years
later, today, attention has been resurrected from ancient wisdom as an
ultimate power that transfers to the other simply when it is given. If
you give attention, you have given it. It will make whatever you're
paying attention to, grow.”

Ramla A.

Source: Ramla’s Diary – A Rule of Attention

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A Quote by unknown on evil, love, awareness, and consciousness

Evil is an absence of an awareness of love.


Source: Science of Mind

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on evil, love, awareness, consciousness, and manifestation

Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness.

Eckhart Tolle

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A Quote by Anthony De Mello on awareness

What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.

Anthony De Mello

Source: Awareness

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A Quote by Montague Whitsel on awareness, imagination, life, magic, quest, self, soul, spirit, time, winter, and wisdom

Mid-December is thus one of the most positively magical times of the year.  Things are possible during December's darkening days that are not even dreamt of at other spokes of the Wheel of the Year.  We should use this magic as a vehicle for deepening our awareness of the world around us and preparing our souls for the ongoing pilgrimage of our lives.  A seeker of Wisdom in the thrall of Winter's Solstice should consider their celebrations as a spiritual pilgrimage or even a quest, during which, through the disciplined use of the spiritual imagination, he or she may encounter one's own truest self along the way and in communion with Spirit.

Montague Whitsel

Source: The Fires of Yule

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A Quote by zaadzster_1 on awareness, solidity, boundless, earth, and perceivers

We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;  we are not objects;  we have no solidity.  We are boundless.  The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient.

Michael Talbot

Source: A quote by Don Juan in Holographic Universe - M Talbot

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A Quote by Dean Koontz on awaken, awareness, and life

On the road that I have taken,
one day, walking, I awaken.
One day, walking, I awaken,
on the road that I have taken.

Dean Koontz

Source: Book of Counted Sorrows

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