A Quote by unknown on authors, destruction, god, reason, and wishes

Whom God wishes to destroy he first deprives of reason. The author of this saying is unknown. Barnes erroneously ascribes it to Euripides.


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A Quote by unknown on authors, death, and god

I care not whether I am dying or not; for if I die I shall be with God; if I live, He will be with me. -Author Unknown


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A Quote by unknown on authors, country, force, literature, and people

Quite a number of people also describe the German classical author, Shakespeare as belonging to the English literature, because - quite accidentally born at Stratford-on-Avon, he was forced by the authorities of that country to write in English.


Source: 'Deutshcer Weckruf und Beobachter' 1940

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A Quote by unknown on authors, editors, and relationships

The relationship of editor to author is knife to throat.


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A Quote by Umberto Eco on authors, death, trouble, writing, and path

The author should die once he has finished writing. So as not to trouble the path of the text.

Umberto Eco (1932 -)

Source: Postscript to The Name of the Rose (1984)

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A Quote by Thomas Stearns Eliot on approval, attitude, authors, behavior, and certainty

When we read of human beings behaving in certain ways, with the approval of the author, who gives his benediction to this behavior by his attitude towards the result of the behavior arranged by himself, we can be influenced towards behaving in the same way.

T.S. Eliot (1888 - 1965)

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A Quote by Thomas Paine on authors


When authors and critics talk of the sublime, they see not how nearly it borders on the ridiculous.

Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)

Source: The Age of Reason, pt I, 1793

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A Quote by Thomas Jefferson on authors, fatherhood, freedom, independence, and religion

Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, Of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, And Father of the University of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

Source: (Monticello, Virginia) {self-written}

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A Quote by Thomas Higginson on authors and newspapers

The test of an author is not to be found merely in the number of his phrases that pass current in the corner of newspapers . . . but in the number of passages that have really taken root in younger minds.

Thomas Higginson

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A Quote by Stephen L. Richards on advertising, authors, books, christianity, confidence, criticism, direction, effort, family, good, hunger, life, mind, optimism, peace, propaganda, religion, success, thinking, and time

Some time ago a member of my family sent to me a critical article written by Mr. Edmund Fuller in a publication called Saturday Review. The criticism of the writer is directed against the effort made to satisfy what the author designates as "general religious hunger," with books, articles, and public appearances of nationally advertised individuals, carrying on a propaganda for what is characterized as (these are quotes) "the good life," "peace of mind," "positive thinking," and "successful" or "confident living." What the author objects to most strenuously is not so much that propaganda should be issued for the optimism of "peace of mind" and "positive thinking," but that this psychological optimism should be held out in any form as an interpretation of or a substitute for the real Christian religion.

Stephen L. Richards (1879 - 1959)

Source: Ensign, November 1958, Pg.5

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