A Quote by Billie Jean King on achievement, attitude, certainty, driving, relaxation, trouble, and world

The trouble with being number one in the world - in anything - is that it takes a certain mentality to attain that position, and that is something of a driving, perfectionist attitude, so that once you do achieve number one, you don't relax and enjoy it.

Billie Jean King (1943 -)

Source: Billie Jean, 1982.

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A Quote by Ayn Rand on attitude, effort, and thought

Francisco could do anything he undertook, he could do it better than anyone else, and he did it without effort. There was no boasting in his manner and consciousness, no thought of comparison. His attitude was not: 'I can do it better than you,' but simply: 'I can do it.' What he meant by doing was doing superlatively.

Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

Source: (Atlas 92)

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A Quote by Arthur Ashe on attitude and idealism

The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight.

Arthur Ashe (1943 - 1993)

Source: The New York Times, 8 February 1993.

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A Quote by Antoine R. Ivins on attitude, belief, chance, chastity, children, laws, and spirituality

The law of chastity is not a negative proposition, but a positive one because in its observance there are spiritual values that far outweigh the physical dangers that we often emphasize. I believe the chances are that our children will respond to the positive attitude quicker and more thoroughly than they do to the negative. Let's show them the values that there are in that law.

Antoine R. Ivins (1881 - 1967)

Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery on attitude and meaning

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

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A Quote by Ambrose Gwinett Bierce on attitude, dogs, god, and spirituality

REVERENCE, n. The spiritual attitude of a man to a god and a dog to a man.

Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914)

Source: The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

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A Quote by Aldous Leonard Huxley on animals, attitude, catholicism, christianity, men, nature, and violence

Compared with that of Taoists and Far Eastern Buddhists, the Christian attitude toward Nature has been curiously insensitive and often downright domineering and violent. Taking their cue from an unfortunate remark in Genesis, Catholic moralists have regarded animals as mere things which men do right to regard for their own ends. . . .

Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on attitude, character, and weakness

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on attitude, capitalism, careers, evil, future, preparation, students, success, suffering, and worship

The crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evil. An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future career.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Source: Monthly Review, 1949

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A Quote by Abraham Lincoln on attitude, criticism, destruction, enemies, friendship, and presidency

President Lincoln was once criticized for his attitude toward his enemies. "Why do you try to make friends of them?" asked an associate. "You should try to destroy them." "Am I not destroying my enemies," Lincoln gently replied, "when I make them my friends?"

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

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