A Quote by Dame Rebecca West on astrology, astronomy, military, science, and war

Before a war military science seems a real science, like astronomy; but after a war it seems more like astrology.

Rebecca West (1892 - 1983)

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A Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith on astrology and economics

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

John Galbraith (1908 -)

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A Quote by Johannes Kepler on astrology, mind, and time

A mind is accustomed to mathematical deduction, when confronted with the faulty foundations of astrology, resists a long, long time, like an obstinate mule, until compelled by beating and curses to put its foot into that dirty puddle.

Johannes Kepler (1571 - 1630)

Source: G. Simmons Calculus Gems, New York: McGraw Hill Inc., 1992.

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A Quote by Ambrose Gwinett Bierce on astrology, fate, fortune, god, luck, neighbors, and responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY, n. A detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one's neighbor. In the days of astrology it was customary to unload it upon a star.

Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914)

Source: The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

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