A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, art, literature, spirit, personality, thinking, mind, intellect, life, and psyche

How infinitely happier and more grateful is the whole personality or spirit when it finds something nourishing in art or writing or thinking, than the mere mind or intellect is:  the kinship you celebrate in these personalities is your own dismembered Orpheus stumbling across another fine organ to rejoin to itself.  I put it this way:  aristic psyche loves itself enough to chasten itself, to put itself through boot camp for the sake of being competent for life, alive to life.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Alfred Gerald "Al" Capp (Caplin) on art


[Abstract art is] a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.

Al Capp (1909 - 1979)

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A Quote by Alison L Mackie on painting, risk, art, expression, expose, alison mackie, and artist

So worried was I that people would see through the painting into my soul - and guess at secret Alison stuff - that I scraped the paint off the canvas. It was too risky to expose what everyone hides...And yet isn't that the job of the artist? Next step is to take the risk - to work more deeply. To expose that which cannot be expressed any other way. That is art. Scary and exciting.

Alison Mackie

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A Quote by Teri Degler on creativity, creative spirit, divine feminine, feminine, spirituality, and art

When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.

Teri Degler

Source: The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self, Pages: 18

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A Quote by Teri Degler on creativity, feminine, spirit, spirituality, creation, creative spirit, and art

If you have picked up this book and begun to read, chances are you have experienced the power of the creative spirit. This power is not a figment of your imagination; it is not an abstract concept. It is real. It is a force that manifests itself, not just mentally and spiritually, but physically. If you don't believe this, the next time you feel the urge to create, sit with the feeling. Go to a place of stillness, become completely in touch with your body, bring your consciousness to bear on this urge, and you will feel it in your body: a sensation, perhaps almost imperceptible, that begins in the nest of your pelvis, then rises up, reaches your heart and throat, and bursts into an aching, a longing, a profound need.

Teri Degler

Source: The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self, Pages: 17

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A Quote by Leonardo da Vinci on painting, poetry, and art

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rater than seen.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

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A Quote by Gerontissa Makrina on god, art, beauty, life, spirituality, christianity, truth, and nature

If we do not see the beauty of God in this life then we will never see it in the next life.  We must see the glory of God in the smallest flower.

Gerontissa Makrina

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

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A Quote by Kojiro Tomita on art, joy, and beholder

It has been said that art is a tryst;
 for in the joy of it,  maker and beholder meet.

Kojiro Tomita

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A Quote by Agnes Martin on feelings, art, music, happiness, abstract, and expression

It’s not about facts, it’s about feelings. It’s about remembering feelings and happiness.  A definition of art is that it makes concrete our most subtle emotions. I think the highest form of art is music. It’s the most abstract of all art expression.

Agnes Martin

Source: Tarlow, Lois. Art New England, April-May, 1994.

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A Quote by Agnes Martin on jackson pollock, ecstasy, painting, and art

Pollock was terrific. I think he freed himself of all kinds of worry about this world. Ran around and dripped, and then he managed to express ecstasy.

Agnes Martin

Source: Simon, Joan. “Perfection Is In The Mind: An Interview with Agnes Martin” (1995), Art in America, May 1996.

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