A Quote by Pandit Usharbudh Arya on antidote, desire, poison, stems, and surrender

Death is afraid of such powerful brahmacharins who come of their own accord to his door. This stems from a very basic principle of nature. Whatever you treasure most, you love most, desire most in life, and would liike to have, would like to keep, you turn away from it a little, surrender it a little and it will remain yours. On the opposite hand, whatever you detest most in life, absolutely dislike, just turn to it a little and it will stay away from you. It is the principle of innoculation. It applies to all sciences. Poison is cured by poison. Everything is its own antidote. So life has death built into it. The only way to master death is not to run away from it, but to turn to it a little, recognize it daily.

Usharbudh Arya

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A Quote by Philip Graham on window, antidote, comforting, quiet street, glass, chill, solid, and curiosity

The window offered an antidote: the comforting view of a quiet street.  I reached out to hold this sight but instead touched glass, felt its faint chill.  I pressed harder at the window.  If something so solid could be so easy to see through, I thought, then why weren't people the same way, open to any search, available to anyone's curiosity?

Philip Graham

Source: How to Read an Unwritten Language

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