A Quote by Tennessee Williams on angels and demons

If I kill off all my demons my angels might die as well.

Tennessee Williams (1914 - 1983)

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A Quote by Micheal Teal on prayer, journey, wellness, bliss, beauty, celebration, love, and angels

 Journey toward wellness, create positive ideas, live a spiritual life and your loving guardian angels will guide you to a place of beauty and bliss. If we listen to the divine messages of our souls we can attain true freedom and happiness. Life is a participatory prayer and by infusing joy and purpose into our thoughts and dreams we  initiate a celebration of love and light. Let love be your prayer.

Micheal Teal

Source: Micheal Teal - Poet, Philosopher and Shaman

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A Quote by Robert Benson on life, sanctuary, saints, spirituality, love, and angels

All of the places of our lives are sanctuaries; some of them just happen to have steeples. And all of the people in our lives are saints; it is just that some of them have day jobs and most will never have feast days named for them.

Robert Benson

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A Quote by Huston Smith on angels, mitzvah, and good deeds

...referring to the Kabala, in which every mitzvah (good deed) people perform creates an 'angel'. Those angels don't vanish with the acts that brought them into being but live on, affecting the balance between good and evil.

Huston Smith

Source: Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing the Divine, an Autobiography

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A Quote by Micheal Teal on angels, soul, spirit, energy, truth, light, and love

" To liberate the human spirit we must embrace heightened consciousness and enhance the flow of positive energy. We are beings of light and energy , once we accept this truth our soul can soar with the angels."

Micheal Teal

Source: Micheal Teal - Poet , Philosopher and Shaman

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A Quote by Marvin Fenstemmer on marley rides, oprah, adversity, angels, networking, marley pratt, jennifer hart, lung cancer, and mystery

"Sometimes miracles can be very small indeed. Sometimes as small as a pretty pin inside a broken box."
Marley Rides

Marvin Fenstemmer

Source: Marley Rides by Jennifer Hart

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A Quote by Pope Benedict XVI on humor, benedict xvi, angels, and ministry

"I'm not a man who constantly thinks up jokes. But I think it's very important to be able to see the funny side of life and its joyful dimension and not to take everything too tragically. I'd also say it's necessary for my ministry. A writer once said that angels can fly because they don't take themselves too seriously. Maybe we could also fly a bit if we didn't think we were so important."

Pope Benedict XVI

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A Quote by Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi on rumi, love, heaven, and angels

At every instant and from every side, resounds the call of Love:
We are going to sky, who wants to come with us?
We have gone to Heaven, we have been the friends of the angels,
And now we will go back there, for there is our country.

Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Source: Rumi and Sufism trans. Simone Fattal

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A Quote by Angela Carter on opinion, angels, higher primates, culture, and scars

I think it's one of the scars in our culture that we have too high an opinion of ourselves. We align ourselves with the angels instead of the higher primates.

Angela Carter (1940 - 1992)

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A Quote by Michael Francis Bray on angels, guides, helpers, guardian angels, spirit, and healing

Everyone is an Angel in training

Michael Bray

Source: 'Angels are real' by Michael Francis Bray. Visit

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