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Stranded on a sandbarStarfish in my hairSurfers singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb"And catching serious air
On their surfboards, they swimIn the waves, they areAll that motion sicknessMakes me feel as if I'm in a car

How do I sayThat I need some underwearIn French, Or SpanishOr even.. in.. Amer
Ican.I can.I can do anything that I wish to do.
I just need inspiration from viewers like you.Thank you.


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Oh! My Buddha!
How your head shines
Under the lovely sunlight
Oh, Mah Buddha!
The way you sit
With your legs crossed
or uncrossed
or however they are
turns me on.
Oh, oh my Buddha.
Your name rhymes with booga.
Which I find attractive in a man.
Oh, my effin' Buddha!
Let's smoke some weed.
Thank you.


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Love and care for all animals, don't kill or eat them.


Source: Made it myself.

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A visionary company doesn't seek balance between short-term and long-term, for example. It seeks to do well in the short-term and in the long-term. A visionary company doesn't simply balance between idealism and profitability: it seeks to be highly idealistic and highly profitable. A visionary company doesn't simply balance between preserving a tightly held core ideology and stimulating vigorous change and movement; it does both to an extreme. In short, a visionary company doesn't want to blend yin and yang into a grey, indistinguishable circle that is neither highly yin nor highly yang; it aims to be distinctly yin and distinctly yang -- both at the same time, all the time.

Jim Collins

Source: Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials), Pages: 44,45

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