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We are told Biblically, and from other sources, that we are one with God and therefore God is within us. If this is true, why does man seek God everywhere but within himself? Now if man seeks God externally, could it not be for the same reason he seeks reasons for his illnesses and maladies by blaming external forces? If there is any truth in this it can be easily imagined why he also seeks external methods for dealing with them.

In the past (and even today) it was believed that man's illnesses were caused by evil forces (call them what you will) and ways were sought to exorcise these evil forces from the mind, or body. When Pasteur discovered the germ theory, he recreated the same situation in a more modern, scientifically acceptable form. Instead of blaming the evil forces, the blame was laid at the feet of the germ theory and the exorcism was done on parts of the body, as if the ‘diseased' part was ‘evil' and had to be removed, as it is in mastectomy. Pasteur is reputed himself to have seen his error in later years and realized that it was the soil that was important, not the seed (germs). In simple terms, germs and viruses only become dangerous when the soil we have created for them is suitable for them to do their supposed ‘evil' works.

Now if the body is created in His image, then surely it is self-healing, having its own medicine.

Arthur Pauls

Source: Shivambu Kalpa: The ancient healing way of the self…by the self with medicine of the self

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