A Quote by Lucy Parsons on anarchism, state, anarchy, iww, wobblies, power, and government

"Concentrated power can be always wielded in the interest of the few and at the expense of the many. Government in its last analysis is this power reduced to a science. Governments never lead; they follow progress. When the prison, stake or scaffold can no longer silence the voice of the protesting minority, progress moves on a step, but not until then".

Lucy Parsons

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A Quote by Errico Malatesta on anarchism, state, violence, and anarchy

Anarchists are opposed to violence; everyone knows that. The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the gendarme. For this reason we are the enemies of capitalism which depends on the protection of the gendarme to oblige workers to allow themselves to be exploited--or even to remain idle and go hungry when it is not in the interest of the bosses to exploit them. We are therefore enemies of the State which is the coercive violent organization of society.

Errico Malatesta

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A Quote by Alan Moore on ideas, anarchy, revolution, and change

"Ideas are bulletproof."- V

Alan Moore

Source: V for Vendetta

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A Quote by G.K. Chesterson on aristocrats and anarchy

You've got that eternal idiotic idea that if anarchy came it would come from the poor.  Why should it?  The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than any one else in there being some decent government.  The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn't; he can go away to New Guinea in a yacht. The poor have sometimes been objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.  Aristocrats were always anarchists, as you can see from the barons' wars.

G.K. Chesterson

Source: The Man Who Was Thursday, 1908

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A Quote by Emma Goldman on work, bread, anarchy, and revolution

Ask for work. If they do not give you work, ask for bread.  If they do not give you work or bread, take bread.

Emma Goldman (1869 - 1940)

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A Quote by George Carlin on anarchy


I think people should be allowed to do anything they want. We haven't tried that for a while. Maybe this time it'll work.

George Carlin

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A Quote by White Rose on anarchy, change, and society

Anarchy changes and adapts to new situation. Without a dominant ruling class or a fixed set of laws carved in stone, an anarchic society can quickly and efficiently adapt to new situations  

Rev. Solomon N. Seagal

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A Quote by Kerry Thornley on zen, anarchy, government, and autonomy

ZEN is MEDITATION. ARCHY is Social Order. ZENARCHY is the Social Order which springs from Meditation. As a doctrine, it holds Universal Enlightenment a prerequisite to abolition of the State, after which a State will inevitably vanish. Or - that failing - nobody will give a damn.

Kerry Thornley

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A Quote by White Rose on anarchy, principles, problem, and fix

Don't question the principles of anarchy, if you think there is a problem go ahead and fix it!

Rev. Solomon N. Seagal

Source: Solomon's profile

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A Quote by G.K. Chesterson on anarchy, nightmares, and pure d awesomeness

“It does seem to have a moral under all its gaiety, “ assented Syme; “but may I ask you two questions?  You need not fear to give me information, because, as you remember, you very wisely exorted from me a promise not to tell the police, a promise I shall certainly keep.  So it is in mere curiosity that I make my queries.  First of all, what is it really about?  What is it you object to?  You want to abolish Government?”
    “To abolish God!” said Gregory, opening the eyes of a fanatic.  “We do not only want to upset a few despotisms and police regulations; that sort of anarchism does exist, but it is a mere branch of the Nonconformists.  We dig deeper and we blow you higher.  We wish to deny all those arbitrary distinctions of vice and virtue, honour and treachery, upon which mere rebels base themselves.  The silly sentimentalists of the French Revolution talked of the Rights of Man!  We hate Rights as we hate Wrongs.  We have abolished Right and Wrong.”

G.K. Chesterson

Source: The Man Who Was Thursday : A Nightmare (Penguin Classics), Pages: 10,11

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