A Quote by John Dryden on ambition, fortune, love, and virtue

But wild Ambition loves to slide, not stand, And Fortune's ice prefers to Virtue's land.

John Dryden (1631 - 1700)

Source: Absalom and Achitophel

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A Quote by John Donne on ambition, contentment, doctors, funerals, satisfaction, and sermons

When my mouth shall be filled with dust, and the worm shall feed, and feed sweetly upon me, when the ambitious man shall have no satisfaction if the poorest alive tread upon him, nor the poorest receive any contentment in being made equal to princes, for they shall be equal but in dust. *Called by His Majesty's household the Doctors Own Funeral Sermon

John Donne (1572 - 1631)

Source: XXVI Sermons, 1661, Death's Duel, last sermon, February 15, 1631*

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A Quote by John Burroughs on ambition

The honey-bee's great ambition is to be rich, to lay up great stores, to possess the sweet of every flower that blooms. She is more than provident. Enough will not satisfy her, she must have all she can get by hook or crook.

John Burroughs (1837 - 1921)

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A Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe on ambition, deed, and love

Ambition and love are the wings to great deeds.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

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A Quote by Jean de La Bruyére on ambition, fortune, and slavery

The slave has but one master, the ambitious man has as many masters as there are persons whose aid may contribute to the advancement of his fortune.

Jean de La Bruyere (1645 - 1696)

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A Quote by James Keller on age, ambition, beginning, justice, music, students, study, and writing

A young man, just beginning the study of musical composition, once went to Mozart and asked him the formula for developing the theme of a symphony. Mozart suggested that a symphony was rather an ambitious project for a beginner: perhaps the young man might better try his hand at something simpler first. "But you were writing symphonies when you were my age." the student protested. "Yes, but I didn't have to ask how."

James Keller

Source: Three Minutes by James Keller, M. M., 1950

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A Quote by James Abram Garfield on ambition, partnership, power, talent, and work

If the power to do hard work is not talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. Ambition by itself never gets anywhere until it forms a partnership with work.

James Garfield (1831 - 1881)

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A Quote by Jacques René Chirac on ambition, authority, determination, generosity, imagination, influence, nations, and world

The authority and influence of France on the world scene in the 21st century will not depend solely on its modernity and cohesion, nor even on the continuity and professionalism of its foreign policy. France will be heeded if it has a message to convey. Faced with the temptations of laissez-faire, France must stand out as the nation with the imagination and determination to pursue an ambition that combines cogency with generosity.

Jacques Chirac (1932 -)

Source: Reception for Ambassadors, at the Elysée Palace, 26, August 1999

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A Quote by Ilie Nastase on ambition, good, and jobs

My ambition is to do a good job. I never plan anything.

Ilie Nastase

Source: 1996

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A Quote by Quintus Horatius Flaccus Horace on ambition, courage, and desires

Who has courage to say no again and again to desires, to despise the objects of ambition, who is a whole in himself, smoothed and rounded.

Horatius (65 - 8 BC)

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