Alpha and Omega

A Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on dance, calling, being, and alpha and omega

"If my virtue be a dancers virtue
And if I have often sprung with both feet
    into golden-emerald rapture
And if it be an Alpha and Omega
    that everything heavy shall become light
Every body a dancer
And every Spirit a bird:
Verily, that is my Alpha and Omega"

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

Source: Thus Spake Zarathustra

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A Quote by Brent Haskell on reality, the universe, god, alpha and omega, and death and rebirth

"Eventually, all of illusion, all of this world,
All of space and time, will pass away.
Indeed, it is not exact to say that they will pass away.
They will be reinterpreted; they will come to be known;
They will be understood in a manner which makes them
Compatible with your real Self, and with truth.

This you cannot do of yourself.
The reason for that is that you, in order to come here,
Structured a part of your mind in such a way
That it truly believes that you are what you are not--
That you are separate, that you are isolated,
That you are alone, that you can be ill, that you can die--
And the list goes on.

However, deep within you lies the truth of what you are.
And it knows that illusion is illusion.
For there always exists within your mind
The idea whose purpose is to guarantee that,
Eventually in your time,
All of your thoughts will be reinterpreted, restructured,
To again become One with the real part of your mind.
And that idea which shall bring you back
To the awareness of your reality is, as I have said,
The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit, the idea of your Oneness,
Is the bridge between the split parts of your mind,
And was placed there by God (and therefore, by You).
Were it not so you could have imagined yourself separate,
And remained that way forever."

Brent Haskell

Source: The Other Voice

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