A Quote by Butch Hancock on music, indigo, ahimsa, and water

 Come all you mad and raging fearless friends of war and peace,
 Come all you sad self-righteous frightened friends down on your bended knees,
 All beings on this earth, you must not harm them;
 All weapons you hold deep within your heart, you must disarm them.

 Every man you meet's your son.
 Every woman is your daughter.
 Go find someeone who's thirsty,
 And give them water.

Butch Hancock

Source: Butch Hancock, Give them Water, War and Peace, 2006

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A Quote by "Mahatma" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on ahimsa, non-violence, and gandhi

Non-violence is not a cover for cowardice, but it is the supreme virtue of the brave. Exercise of non-violence requires far greater bravery than that of swordsmanship. Cowardice is wholly inconsistent with non-violence. Translation from swordsmanship to non-violence is possible and, at times, even an easy stage. Non-violence, therefore, presupposes ability to strike. It is a conscious deliberate restraint put upon one's desire for vengeance. But vengeance is any day superior to passive, effeminate and helpless submission. Forgiveness is higher still. Vengeance too is weakness. The desire for vengeance comes out of fear of harm, imaginary or real. A dog barks and bites when he fears. A man who fears no one on earth would consider it too troublesome even to summon up anger against one who is vainly trying to injure him. The sun does not wreak vengeance upon little children who throw dust at him. They only harm themselves in the act.

Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Source: (YI, 12-8-1926, p285)

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