A Quote by Erica Jong on women, bodies, aging, agelessness, thinness, wrinkle creams, and cosmetics

the belly may be kept firm through numerous pregnancies
by means of sit-ups     jogging     dancing     (think of Russian ballerinas)
    & the cunt
as far as I know is ageless     possibly immortal     becoming simply
more open     more quick to understand     more dry-eyed     than at 22


after all     is what you were dying for     (as you ravaged
islands of turtles     beehives     oysterbeds     the udders of cows)
desperate to censor changes which you simply might     have let play
over you         lying back     listening         opening yourself
    letting the years make love the only way
        (poor blunderers)
            they know

Erica Jong (1942 -)

Source: Cries of The Spirit, Pages: 37 (from Aging (balm...))

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