A Quote by John Ernst Steinbeck on advice


No one wants advice, only corroboration.

John Steinbeck (1902 - 1968)

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A Quote by John Churton Collins on advice, good, profit, and wisdom

To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.

John Churton Collins (1848 - 1908)

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A Quote by John Abernethy on advice, daughters, home, nature, needs, and play

Why, Madam, do you know there are upward of thirty yards of bowels squeezed underneath that girdle of your daughter's? Go home and cut it; let Nature have fair play, and you will have no need of my advice.

John Abernethy (1764 - 1831)

Source: Familiar Medical Quotations, by Maurice B. Strauss, 1968.

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A Quote by Star Trek on advice


One of the advantages of being Captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it.

Star Trek

Source: Star Trek (James T. Kirk - William Shatner’s character)

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A Quote by James Keller on advice, children, christ, kindness, love, understanding, women, and world

The will of a wealthy New York woman, in addition to distributing her worldly goods to her children, left them the following advice: Love one another. Hold fast to that whether you understand one another or not, and remember nothing really matters except being kind to one another in the name of Christ and to all the world as far as you can reach.

James Keller

Source: Three Minutes by James Keller, M. M., 1950

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A Quote by Jack Herbert on admiration, advice, people, and wisdom

We all admire the wisdom of people who come to us for advice.

Jack Herbert

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A Quote by J. Reuben Clark, Jr. on advice, church, and people

We are met today in a general conference. Sometimes, I hear, the people feel, some of them, that perhaps we are not quite as "peppy" as we ought to be. But this is not a Church convention. This is a general conference where we meet for general counsel and advice. It is a place to which we come for the results of the reflective operations of our minds.

J. Reuben Clark (1871 - 1961)

Source: General Conference, October 1942

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A Quote by Ivy Lee on advice, day, order, presidency, projects, secrets, and worry

If you want to know the secret to getting the most from your day . . . then simply refer to the advice given to Charles Schwab, the president of US Steel, at the early part of this century: "Write down the most important things you have to do tomorrow. Now, number them in the order of their true importance. The first thing tomorrow morning, start working on an item Number 1, and stay with it until completed. Then take item Number 2 the same way. Then Number 3, and so on. Don't worry if you don't complete everything on the schedule. At least you will have completed the most important projects before getting to the less important ones."

Ivy Lee

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A Quote by Ivern Ball on advice


Most of us ask for advice when we know the answer but we want a different one.

Ivern Ball

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A Quote by Quintus Horatius Flaccus Horace on advice and brevity

Whatever advice you give, be brief.

Horatius (65 - 8 BC)

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