A Quote by Edward Morgan "E. M." Forster on adventure

Railway termini . . . are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return.

E.M. Forster (1879 - 1970)

Source: Howards End, ch. 2, 1910.

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A Quote by Elaine Cannon on adventure, god, and learning

Whatever our personal burden or cross to bear might be, we are here. We live! We Learn! The Grand Adventure is under way for us. Terrible as our trials might be, we are blessed and not abandoned by God.

Elaine Cannon

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A Quote by Edward S. Jordan on adventure, driving, ideas, impulses, love, mediocrity, men, money, motivation, needs, power, and religion

Men in general are too material and do not make enough human contacts. If we search for the fundamentals which actually motivate us we will find that they come under four headings: love, money, adventure and religion. It is to some of them that we always owe that big urge which pushes us onward. Men who crush these impulses and settle down to everyday routine are bound to sink into mediocrity. No man is a complete unit of himself; he needs the contact, the stimulus and the driving power which is generated by his contact with other men, their ideas, and constantly changing scenes.

Edward S. Jordan

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A Quote by Edith Alderman Deen on adventure, courage, curiosity, good, history, life, spirit, and women

The queen of Sheba . . . lives on now, nearly thirty centuries since her visit [to Solomon in Israel], as a woman whose spirit of adventure and whose resourcefulness, courage, and curiosity have not bee surpassed by any queen in history. And certainly her sense of good public and international relations is unparalleled among women of the Bible.

Edith Alderman Deen (1905 - 1994)

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A Quote by Charles Frohman on adventure, death, fear, and life

Why fear death? It is the most beautiful adventure in life.

Charles Frohman (1860 - 1915)

Source: His last words before going down in the Lusitania, 7 May 1915

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A Quote by Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. on adventure, ambition, bravery, choice, companions, company, contentment, courage, darkness, faith, inspiration, men, mind, skill, solitude, soul, and strength

LINDBERGH FLIES ALONE Alone? Is he alone at whose right side rides Courage, with Skill within the cockpit and faith upon the left? Does solitude surround the brave when Adventure leads the way and Ambition reads the dials? Is there no company with him, for whom the air is cleft by Daring and the darkness made light by Emprise? True, the fragile bodies of his fellows do not weigh down his plane; true, the fretful minds of weaker men are missing from his crowded cabin; but as his airship keeps its course he holds communion with those rare spirits that inspire to intrepidity and by their sustaining potency give strength to arm, resource to mind, content to soul. Alone? With what other companions would man fly to whom the choice were given?

Charles Lindbergh (1902 - 1974)

Source: An Editorial in the New York SUN, May 22, 1927

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A Quote by Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. on adventure, cowardice, criticism, death, home, kindness, life, men, and mountains

Any coward can sit in his home and criticize a pilot for flying into a mountain in a fog. But I would rather, by far, die on a mountainside than in bed. What kind of man would live where there is no daring? And is life so dear that we should blame men for dying in adventure? Is there a better way to die?

Charles Lindbergh (1902 - 1974)

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A Quote by Bernard Eugene Meland on adventure, belief, creativity, dependence, existence, faith, hope, judgment, language, observation, promises, reality, trust, and understanding

We live by trust, in part by hope, in part by inquiry, patiently and humbly pursued. And to the degree that these sensibilities of our creaturehood are observed, the pursuit of intelligibility and understanding in [our] faith is a creative adventure full of promise in expanding, sensitizing, illumining, and hopefully fulfilling this pilgrimage of existing. Every other mode of seeking to wrest the fire and efficacy of reality, either by way of sanctioning those who presume to believe, or as ground for registering reality's curse upon those who presume not to believe in accordance with the prescribed language of human forms and symbols, is blasphemous, and carries within its own degree of dementia. And this, I submit, is the judgment of reality itself; not of any human formulation dependent upon the language of our fallible forms and symbols.

Bernard Meland (1871 - 1993)

Source: Fallible Forms and Symbols, 1977

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A Quote by Barbara Walters on adventure, cities, justice, and energy

New York is a galaxy of adventure at once elegant, exciting and bizarre. It's a city that moves so fast, it takes energy just to stand still.

Barbara Walters

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A Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery on adventure, creativity, victory, zest, and joy

It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

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