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The corporate workplace, where people are kept in thrall, where total commitment is the norm, where people are stripped off their identity and have to adapt a code of conduct. This is the very antithesis of democracy. -.-


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Life is a dance. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. The clearer the communication, the better the dance.  The music may change so you just have to learn how to adapt and be flexible. Sometimes it's fast and really “up”, sometimes it's slow and sensual. But when you get really present and in the moment, it's just soooooo easy.

Pamela Marshall

Source: Somewhere inside my soul :)

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A Quote by Bruce Lee on teacher, sensitive, mind, adapt, student, pointer, integrate, and vulnerability

A good teacher can never be fixed in a routine... each moment requires a sensitive mind that is constantly changing and constantly adapting.
A teacher must never impose this student to fit his favourite pattern; a good teacher functions as a pointer, exposing his student's vulnerability (and) causing him to explore both internally and finally integrating himself with his being. Martial art should not be passed out indiscriminately.

Bruce Lee

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A Quote by Mitch on adapt, focus, develop, technology, and tools

Continually adapt your focus and develop a technology toolset to help, not hinder you.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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A Quote by Kelly on flexibility, open-minded, adapt, and evolve

Flexibility -- In all aspects of life, the person with the most varied responses "wins."

Kelly Perdew

Source: Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles I Learned in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump, Pages: 143..156

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