A Quote by Whoopi Goldberg on actress, acting, actor, and woman

An actress can only play a woman. I an actor - I can play anything.

Whoopi Goldberg

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A Quote by Mignon McLaughlin on actor, role, and play

Many of us go through life feeling as an actor might feel who does not like his part, and does not believe in the play.

Mignon McLaughlin (1915 -)

Source: The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

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A Quote by Maya Angelou on womens wisdom, american writer, poet, actor, and activist

We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders.

Maya Angelou (1928 -)

Source: - Address to Centenary College of Louisiana (March 1990)

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A Quote by Epictetus on actor, act, part, and life

Remember that you are in actor in a play of such a kind that the author chooses...For this is your duty, to act well the part that is given to you; but to select the part belongs to another.

Epictetus (c. 50 - 120)

Source: Enchiridion

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