A Quote by Joan Baez on womenswisdom, action, and healing

Action is the antidote to despair.

Joan Baez (1941 -)

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A Quote by Anaïs Nin on dreams, action, reality, living, and highest potential

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.

Anaïs Nin (1903 - 1977)

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A Quote by DL Zeta and Peter Phalam on attention, paths, life choices, choices, and action

As you gain awareness of the many threads of reality that exist within your field of possibilities, you can consciously choose the thread you wish to energize. Even if a thread of reality does not seem very "probable" at the moment, you can begin to bring your focus and attention to that time-line. As long as you are willing to take action, and keep on taking action to create a reality shift, you will eventually make the shift.  

Debra and Peter Phalam


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A Quote by B.K.S. Iyengar on breathing, yoga, action, and spirit

When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God.
When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.

B.K.S. Iyengar

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A Quote by Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) on leader, action, life, and wisdom

A leader is someone who compels others to positive action by the power of their own positive action.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

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A Quote by Howard Zinn on hope, action, and present moment

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives.  If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something.  If we remember those times and places - and there are so many - where people have behaved magnificently, it energizes us to act, and raises at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.  And if we do act, in however small a way, we don't have to wait for some grand utopian future.  The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.

Howard Zinn

Source: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress, Pages: 170

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A Quote by Esther Hicks on energy and action

Once you start deliberately offering thought, then you can never offer enough action to keep up with the thought. Once you access the Energy that creates worlds, a huge vortex comes into place, and there's just not enough action for you to keep up with that. And so, what you have to do is visualize every step of the way, envision you happy in the process. Envision things in place, envision people catching on. Just envision it working. Skip over the how and the where and the when and the who -- and just stay focused upon the what and the why. Abraham

Esther Hicks

Source: Abraham

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A Quote by Abraham Hicks on action, imagine, and completion

If there is something that you have to do, resist the temptation to do it under duress. Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that would happen if I didn't do this?" And if you can get away with not doing it at all, don't do it. And then imagine what would it feel like to have this done. Spend a day or two, if you can, just 15 minutes here, 5 minutes here, 2 minutes here, here and here, imagining it completed in a way that pleases you! And then, the next time you decide that you're going to take action about it, the action is going to be a whole lot easier.

Abraham Hicks

Source: Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, April 5th, 1998

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A Quote by Arlo Guthrie on arlo guthrie, alices restaurant, pride, energy, action, commitment, consistency, performing, lyrics, and matter of fact

I've been singing this song now for twenty five minutes. I could sing it
for another twenty five minutes. I'm not proud... or tired.

Arlo Guthrie

Source: Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant song lyrics

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A Quote by Seth Godin on action


More than anything else, I think prospects, customers and citizens watch what you do more than they listen to what you say.

Seth Godin

Source: Watching and Listening:

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