Yonghey Minghur Rinpoche

A Quote by Yonghey Minghur Rinpoche on emptiness, interdependence, and relativity of perception

The Relativity of Perception

"The primordial purity of the ground completely transcends words, concepts, and formulations."

-Jamgon Kongtrul, Myriad Worlds, translated and edited by the International Committee of Khunkhyab Choling


The definition of emptiness as “infinite possibility” is a basic description of a very complicated term.  A subtler meaning, which might have lost on early translators, implies that whatever arises out of this infinite potential—whether it’s a thought, a word, a planet, or a table—doesn’t truly exist as a “thing” in itself, but is rather the result of numerous causes and conditions.  If any of those causes or conditions are changed or removed, a different phenomenon with arise.  Like the principles outlined in the second turning of the wheel of Dharma, quantum mechanics tends to describe experience in terms not simply of a single possible chain of events leading to a single result, but rather of probabilities of events and occurrences—which, in an odd way, is closer to the Buddhist understanding of absolute reality, in which a variety of outcomes are theoretically possible.


"Whatever depends on conditions is explained to be empty..."

--Sutra Requested by Madropa, translated by Ari Goldfield

Yonghey Minghur Rinpoche

Source: exerpt from "The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness"

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