A Quote by William McDonough on abundance and design

Well I think
as designers
we realize that design is a signal of intention
but it also has to occur
within a world
and we have to understand that world
in order to imbue our designs
with inherent intelligence
so when we look back
at the basic state of affairs
in which we design
we, in a way, need to go
to the primordial condition
to understand the operating system
and the frame conditions
of the planet
and the exiting part of that
is the good news that's there
because the news is the news of
and not the news of limits
and I think as our culture
tortures itself now
with tyrranies
and concerns over limits
and fear
we can add this other dimension of abundance
that is coherent
driven by the sun
and start to imagine what that would be like
to share

William McDonough

Source: From "The Monticello Dialogues" 6 hour interview http://www.newdimensions.org/program.php?id=2900

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