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My notion about service is actually that kind of relationship in which you have a commitment to the other person.  Now, I don't mean to the person's body or to the person's personality, or to the person's stomach, or the person's almost anything.  What I mean in fact is that for me what service is about is being committed to the other being.  To other person spiritually.  To who the other person is.  Now the problem with that is that, to the degree that you are in fact committed to the other person, you are only as valuable as the degree to which you can deal with the other person's stuff, their evidence, their manifestation, and that's what service is about.  Service is knowing who the other person is and being able to tolerate giving space to their garbage.  What most people do is to give to people's quality and deal with their garbage.  Actually, you should do it the other way around.  Deal with who they are and give space to their garbage.  Keep interacting with them as if they are God.  And every time you get garbage from them, give space to the garbage and go back and interact with them as if they were God.

Werner Erhard

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