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110. The one who cognized the Truth is free. The free one does not commit sin: because he who commits sin becomes a slave of sin (i.e. first of all, burdens his destiny).

The true knowledge is like mother and father (i.e. like wise teachers, advisers, and guardians of their child).

Those who are not capable of sinning are said that they have attained freedom. The knowledge of the Truth raises them even more. This makes them both free and above this world.

But only Love creates. He who became free thanks to knowledge, because of Love remains a slave of those who have not managed to attain the Freedom of knowledge yet. He brings the knowledge to them and this develops the latter because it calls them to the Freedom.

Love takes nothing: how can it take something? Everything belongs to it. It does not say, “This is mine! And this is mine!” But it says: “This is yours!”

Vladimir Antonov

Source: The Gospel of Philip

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