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And one more: always remember that in this world nothing but your love to Me belongs to you! This is your treasure, and it is yours by right! All your riches are — your love! Nobody ever will be able to take it away from you! It is impossible to steal, to take love by force; it can not be sold and inherited. One only can give love — sincerely and gratis!

Love has an amazing characteristic: the more you give it, give to others, the more of it you have.

But love is a ‘free bird’: it lives and grows on freedom. Such human notions as ‘I want’ and ‘my’ are opposite to love, because they constrain its freedom. All attempts to appropriate love are doomed to be failed. One can only accept it with gratitude, carefully and gently, as a great gift of the one who gives it.

Love enters only one gates — the spiritual heart opened towards! And then the reciprocal wave of love arises in it, streaming outside. In that way love lives and grows.

Vladimir Antonov

Source: God speaks: Bartholomew

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