Vincent Harding

A Quote by Vincent Harding

We are not alone in this struggle for the re-creation of our own lives and the life of our community.  It has long been written and known that those who choose to struggle for the life of the earth and its beings are part of an ageless, pulsating membrane of light that is filled with the lives, hopes, and beatific visions of all who have fought on, held o, loved well, and gone on before us.  For this task is tto magnificent to be carried by us alone, in our house, in our meeting, in our organization, in our generation, in our lifetime...  we are all a part of one another, and we are all part of the intention of the great creator spirit to continue being light and life.

[ We are to seek out ] ... a path that expresses our own searching - expanding the confidence in the healing power of the universe, in the presence of a loving, leading Power, exposing us always to the harsh and the tender, to the dreadful and the compassionate, prying our lives open to the evidence of things unseen.

Vincent Harding

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