Vimala Thakar

A Quote by Vimala Thakar on potential, revolution, and humanity

There is much unexplored potential in each human being. We are not just flesh and bone or an amalgamation of conditionings. If this were so, our future on this planet would not be very bright. But there is infinitely more to life, and each passionate being who dares to explore beyond the fragmentary and superficial into the mystery of totality helps all humanity perceive what it is to be fully human. Revolution, total revolution, implies experimenting with the impossible. And when an individual takes a step in the direction of the new, the impossible, the whole human race travels through that individual.

Vimala Thakar

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A Quote by Vimala Thakar on advaita and non duality

"Nothing in life is trivial. Life is whole wherever and whenever we touch it, and one moment or event is not less sacred than another."

Vimala Thakar

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