A Quote by vikram on peace, harmony, and acceptance

G O D ' S  H O U S E.
Come here, This side is God's house, Here!
Come rest your elbows on this nice white picket fence,
That He has painted for just a few.
 Relax, the view from his front lawn,
Towers over the highest peaks that the mind can create,
And feel free to clap your hands in glee,
For he loves the innocence in his children.  

Come, lean on this fence and watch this marvellous carnival called life,
Ahh! The flush of red on your cheeks tells me that you've spotted yourself!
There behind the chourus line of time,
There you are- playing in the spotlight of your mind, Lost, alone in the midst of His love !
So beautiful to see your pearly smile adorn a shiny tear,
For that is all it costs to rest your tired elbows on His fence.
Stay here, For this is God's house.         

Vikram Oberoi

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