A Quote by unknown on africa, life, and death

Before I was born, I lived in my mother's belly and I was very secure and happy there.  I had everything I could possibly want.  Then one day I was pushed through a doorway into a strange world of noise and confusion.  I was angry at first, but soon learned to love being a child.  But no sooner was I enjoying myself and perfectly happy to stay a child forever, than I was pushed through another doorway into a strange world where I had responsibilities, and wives, and work.  But I loved my family, and I would have been happy to stay that way forever, but the years passed, and I was shoved through another door and became and elder, and now I have arrived at the end of that life also.  You ask me if I am afraid of what happens next and I tell you:  'I have learned to understand that what is before me is just another doorway, and I am ready.'


Source: Faces of Africa, by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

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