A Quote by unknown on death, god, serenity, and afterlife


When I consider the hour that will come

In which my spirit will be one with God,

It is then that my joy will be complete;

It is then that I will see the whole creation.

All of its secrets will be revealed to me

And my knowledge will be prefect:

The galaxies will be at arm's distance,

I will touch the stars with my bare hands;

The beauty of every flower, mountain and valley

No longer will be a secret,

And every creature will reveal to me

The immense, awe-inspiring world

Created by God's loving hand.

And as I stroll on the bottom of the oceans,

Ride a comet through a million stars,

Or watch a flower grow,

I will look in the eyes of other angels

To meet in them the same beatitude

In which my spirit rejoices.


Source: Spirulina's own

Contributed by: Spirulina