A Quote by unknown on charity, death, god, improvement, justice, love, songs, and wishes

If we could know Which of us, beloved, would be first to go, Who would be first to break the swelling tide, And step alone upon the other side- If we could know! If it were you, Should I walk softly, keeping death in view? Should I my love to you more oft express? Or should I grieve you, beloved, any less- If it were you! If it were I, Should I improve the moments slipping by! Should I more closely follow God's great plan, Be filled with sweeter charity to man- If it were I! If we could know! We cannot, beloved, end 'tis better so. I should forget, just as I do today, And walk along the same old stumbling way lf I could know. I would not know Which of us, beloved, will be the first to go, I only wish the space may not be long Between the parting and the greeting song; But when, or where, or how we're called to go - I would not know.


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