A Quote by unknown on deed, questions, and responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY Can you put the spider's web in its place, that once has been swept away? Can you put the apple again on the bough, which fell at our feet today? Can you put the lily-cup back on the stem, and cause it to live and grow? Can you mend the butterfly's broken wing, that you crushed with a hasty blow? Can you put the bloom again on the grape, or the grape again on the vine? Can You put the dewdrops back on the flower, and make them sparkle and shine? Can you put the petals back on the rose? If you could, would it smell as sweet? Can you put the flour again in the husk, and show me the ripened wheat? Can you put the kernel back in the nut or the broken egg in its shell? Can you put the honey back in the comb, and cover with wax each cell? Can you put the perfume back in the vase, when once it has sped away? Can you put the corn-silk back on the corn, or the down on the catkins-say? You think that my questions are trifling, well, let me ask you another one: Can a hasty word ever be unsaid, or a deed unkind undone? -Anon.


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