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THE Hunter and the Bear . . . The Sory of a Perfect Compromise The hunter sighted his quarry, and raised his rifle to fire. The bear, raising a paw, said, "Now just a minute friend; can't we talk this over like two rational, intelligent, progressive beings?" The hunter lowered his gun, and scratching his head replied, "What's to talk over?" "Well", said the bear, "for example, what do you want to shoot me for?" "That's very simple. I want a bearskin coat". "And I," said the bear, "merely want a good breakfast. Let's sit down together, I'm sure we can reach a common point of view that will satisfy us both". So they sat down together to work out an agreement. After a time the bear got up all alone. They had reached a compromise. The bear had his breakfast; the hunter had on his fur coat. You know where the hunter was. He was eaten alive by his compromise position. You will be eaten alive also, if you sacrifice your principles for any reason. THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS.


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