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Entrepreneurs don't really make mistakes, though. We just make decisions that seem right at the time, but which sometimes turn out to have been the wrong path to take. For example, we allowed a buyer to place a huge opening order and later had to take some product back. We didn't have our sell-through programs in place, so in hindsight, it would have been wiser to sell in less product at the outset. The scary thing is you are always making decisions without knowing the future. Should we invest in more machinery, or stay with more labor? Should we build a large inventory, or try to fill re-orders as they come in? In making these decisions, you're really betting on one outcome or another, as opposed to making mistaken decisions.

Tom Szaky

Source: Learn From Experience Tom Szaky: http://www.terracycle.net/media/06-01-25_nj_entrepreneur/06-01-25_nj_entrepreneur.htm

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