A Quote by Tom Asacker on communication and authenticity

Within the first few seconds of meeting you or being exposed to your communications, your audience will form an impression that is easily reinforced and unlikely to change. They’ll observe your mannerisms, voice, choice of words, etc. and judge whether you are worth listening to. To cut through their innate disbelief - and very short attention span -simply push past your comfort level and be authentic! Amazingly, that’s all there is to it. Simply take off your mask - your title, your expertise, your bureaucratic language and technical jargon - and connect with them with honest, simple, and engaging language. Be on the level. Be moved to candor. Tell them what you believe and what you think. Speak the unspoken. Try it and see.

Tom Asacker

Source: Truth Eight: From Honesty to Authenticity: http://www.acleareye.com/sandbox_wisdom/2006/07/truth_eight_fro.html

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