A Quote by the kiwi hunter on love, life, and learning

A wise and wonderful woman once walked many miles in her own shoes across this great earth.
She walked with great love for those she had not yet reached, those she had not yet embraced.
She saw the path of all to be varied but the same.
She saw not difference in those, but in common.
She saw not religion but light.
She saw not creed or color, but smiles.
She saw not suffering but joy, not pain but relief.

Once she was asked: "Will you join our anti-war rally?"
She replied: "No. I must continue my journey, for it is the journey of all humanity. BUT... if you organise a pro-peace rally, please invite me."

That which you face now is the very outcome of this moment.

Face not your toils but your rewards.
Face not those who would tread upon your efforts, but those who would beifit from your encouraging smile.
Face not those who look down, but down to those who might rise to meet you.

BUT MOST OF ALL: Face not your fears, but your LOVE, so that others may seek to free their bonds of struggle and join you on that hilltop to share your view...


Contributed by: the kiwi hunter