Terence Hanbury White (1906-1964)

A Quote by Terence Hanbury White (1906-1964) on embryo


"Please God," said the embryo, "I think that You made me in the shape which I now have for reasons best known to Yourselves, and that it would be rude to change. If I am to have my choice I will stay as I am. I will not alter any of the parts which You have made for me, for other and doubtless inferior tools, and I will stay a defenceless embryo all my life, doing my best to make myself a few feeble implements out of the wood, iron, and other materials which You have seen fit to put before me. If I want a boat I will try to construct it out of trees, and if I want to fly, I will put together a chariot to do it for me."

Terence Hanbury White (1906-1964)

Source: The Once and Future King

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