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Life is not a popularity contest

Susun Weed

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A Quote by Susun Weed on heart, love, and broken

What to Do When Your Love's Left You 
(or the universe has otherwise brought you grief) 

1. Honor your enemies. 
It is they who make you strong and wise. (But see #4.) 

2. Define your own reality. 
Let no one tell you what to think, how to act, nor how you are supposed to feel. 

3. The heart cannot be broken. 
Only the barriers that protect the heart from the pain of life can be broken. Although never sought, heartache can be seen as a deep opening of the heart. 

4. Do not be kind. 
Honor the love you shared; be decent in all your actions, but recognize that in these circumstances, kindness is a lie. 

5. Cut all energetic bonds between you. 
They can be used to manipulate you and hurt you further. If there is to be reconciliation, let it be from new material, not the re-engagement of the previous energies. 

6. Think of yourself first for one full year; beginning right now. 

7. Let go. Give up. Die. (But don't really kill yourself, please!) The earth will recycle you. Lay down on her and pour your pain into her. Envision yourself as a dead body. Let yourself be eaten by the beetles and worms and excreted as manure for the plants which are eaten by people like you. It all goes round, so let go. Let go of blame. Let go of shame. Let go of guilt. 

8. Smile. Even if you don't feel like it. Smiling--the actual tightening of the muscles involved in making a smile--causes the release of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in the brain. When in pain, remember, smiling is more effective than drink or drugs.

Susun Weed

Contributed by: Anita

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