A Quote by Stuart Wilde on on soul mates

The secret for a male is to temper his outgoing sexuality, and to cultivate inner softness, understanding that there is a strength in softness.  For the female, the key is to accept her position as the custodian of the spiritual, inner energy of the world, for she has a natural spirituality within her.  Then, if a spiritual male and a spiritual female come together in a dedication of energy, they can create a powerhouse of light.  The challenge is to pull to yourslf the spiritual person you need to create the missing link.  Here, the key is to work on your body, your nutrition, the quality of your thoughts and actions; to create and maintain a high energy about yourself, then others with that high energy will be attracted to what you are. You don't need a slug for a soul mate.  Many of you have tried that; it didn't work.

Stuart Wilde

Source: The Secrets of Life

Contributed by: Pauleya