A Quote by Steve Case on vision, customers, people, and computers

I think one of the things that was useful to me was not really college, but just reading books and studying how major consumer innovations took place. If you look back at the history of the telephone a century earlier, it took decades before it was common. Initially people said, "Why would I ever need a phone? If I want to talk to somebody I'll just go next door and talk to them." You couldn't imagine that people would have phones. So eventually, after many years, maybe there was a phone in the bar in town. If you had to make a call to somebody, you'd go to that one phone and enter a party line, a shared line, and so forth. Eventually, it got to the point where people did say, "You know, you do need a phone in your home!" By the time I was growing up everybody had a phone in their home. Today they have multiple phones in their homes and cell phones and computer access with instant messaging.

Steve Case

Source: Academy of Achievement: Steve Case Interview: http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/cas1int-1

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