A Quote by Stephen Shapiro on branding, brand, customers, and experience

Much literature has been written on branding. 

But what is a brand?  Can you define it in just 6 words?

No, it is not Nike’s “swoop.”  It is not McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle.  It is not Accenture’s Tiger Woods ads.  It is not the design of my website or my “Unconventional Thinking” tag line.

Erik Hansen, Tom Peters’ brand manager (and a good friend of mine), said it quite eloquently.  A brand is… “what your customers say it is.” 

What is great about this definition is that it gives you direct access to changing your brand.  To change your brand you must change your customers’ perceptions and experiences.  No logo or advertising campaign has ever done this.

Stephen Shapiro

Source: Stephen Shapiro Blog: How to Change and Organizations Culture: http://www.steveshapiro.com/2007/10/01/how-to-change-an-organizations-culture/

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