A Quote by Stella Merritt

It's HIGH SCHOOL. Make MISTAKES. Make the same mistake TWICE because it is too good to only make once. FORGIVE others. Forgive yourself. Forget things. PARTY on a weekday. PARTY HARDER on the weekends. Forget that you partied at all. Get SICK. Get so sick that you don't remember how you got sick. Skip CLASS. Watch movies instead of doing homework. Stay up all night before a final. Be SPONTANEOUS. Make PLANS. Break plans. LOVE. Get ATTACHED. STALK. Get JEALOUS. Fall hard. BREAK HEARTS and get your HEART BROKEN. Cry. CRY harder than you ever have, then LAUGH at it later. Laugh so hard you can't stop. Have MOMENTS that you wish would never end. Have moments you wish never began. Have conversations that you'll NEVER FORGET. Have conversations without saying a word. Say the WRONG thing at the wrong time. Get angry. Be CONFUSED. It will all become clear eventually. It's HIGH SCHOOL...These are the good old days you're going to miss in the years ahead!

Stella Merritt

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