A Quote by Spider Robinson on egotism, forgiveness, guests, joy, laughter, love, pain, people, quiet, thinking, trust, and work

To approach telepathy, you start with empathy and crank that up as high as you can. You care about each other. You feel each others's joy and pain. You make each other laugh, and help each other cry. You work hard at trusting each other, so that it's safe to dismantle the fortress around your ego. You forgive each other anything that stands between you, and try to bring out each other's best, you work very hard at hosing all the bull-shit out of your head so that it's clean enough for guests, silencing all the demons in your subconscious so that it's quiet enough to hear people thinking at you, and most of all you find ways to make that work so much fun that you keep on working. You stick together and love each other, and keep growing.

Spider Robinson

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