A Quote by Sorin Cerin on religion

  If churches will disappear, what will replace them? The answer is simple: Man will replace them!
Only then will the man turn towards his own Self and wonder: what was the use of so much suffering?
All these millennia of suffering had a meaning, and if they did, what was that meaning?
Does anyone benefit from this sense?
And Man will fall again in the darkness of the beginnings of his self, knowing that no meaning can be a meaning because all the paths finally lead to nowhere, to the vanity of the non-Knowledge to which Knowledge is referenced to, that everything is an Image, an Illusion, that all the Knowledge is an Image, an Illusion, and no matter how many meanings it seems to have at a certain time, they will disappear as the smoke carried away by the winds to nowhere. They will disappear because the so-called great and ineffable Knowledge does not even have clay legs, but smoke legs, because it is based on non-Knowledge and thus it becomes non-Knowledge too as non-Knowledge becomes its own Knowledge because it is based on Knowledge and thus it gets to know its own non-Knowledge, its own vanity in these infinite worlds where stars shine or die and time grows younger as the increasing spaces collapse over the laws of the worlds becoming Void and Being.

Sorin Cerin

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