A Quote by Sorin Cerin on destiny man death

 How else can we influence the social evolution or could we speed up the return of the man to the Sacred Self?
We people cannot influence in any way the future evolution of mankind, because everything that is "meant" to happen will happen, because all of these Intended Occurrences are successions of the Accidental and Unique Occurrence. Since everything is already written, figuratively speaking we cannot go against destiny, nor react in one way or another.
Even if we try to change the Illusion of our Life, it will only change depending on the Destiny to which it obeys and not on our illusory actions. Nevertheless, the fact that the man begins to wake up from the millennial numbness in which he was, he starts not to accept the bloody Christ, tortured on the wood of the cross of his own ineffable destiny is a good sign that destiny - and not man - gives to man.

Sorin Cerin

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