A Quote by Sorin Cerin on religion

 Does not a great number a feelings determine a common feeling formed by the parts that compose it? Once Truth can no longer be known, but felt, doesn't that feeling become truer than a small part of it that is felt only by one individual?
The religious factor will always have its own status even if, by referencing it to another religious factor of national or worldwide level, it can be underlined a mere influence compared to the latter and not a religion itself.
I could name the example of certain groups that become profoundly religious without creating new religions, but by becoming sects of one religion or another. Such examples are numerous.
To conclude, any group whose members unite their own individual divinities under the auspices of a social divinity form a religion, even if in reference to other worldwide religions, it is deemed a mere influence, it is still called religion. .
This is why, no matter how much man wants to get rid of religion, he will not be able to do so until he renounces for good its own social life, by denying his past, which is deemed impossible.

Sorin Cerin

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